How to Deal With Hair Loss Depression [7 Positive Ways]

Do you find an unusual amount of hair on your pillowcase? Does your hair shed with just touching? With every comb, you see more than 10 hair strands? If so, it’s nothing other than severe hair fall. Too depressing!

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You may be confused as to whom you blamed for it… Is it anxiety or stress that makes your hair fall quickly?

OMG! It’s depression that brings hair loss and thin hair….

Do you want to know How to deal with hair loss depression?

To control hair loss depression stays positive. Ask your hairstylist to suggest a suitable hairstyle to hide your scalp. Try talking therapy and thinking more about getting your hair back.

Do you know depression and hair loss have a close link? Stress or depression may be in different forms like pregnancy, serious illness, and marital relations, etc.

You can control it by using several natural and artificial methods. Many of us don’t know the bad impacts of depression on hair.

You can understand this problem by reading this post…

So, let’s dive into this post!

7 Positive Ways to Deal with Hair Loss Depression

Many of us feel depressed and anxious when we find a comb full of hair each day. It is an alarming situation but depression is not a solution for it. It will make this problem more serious. You have to think about it positively and find a permanent solution to get rid of it.

There are 7 main ways to deal with hair loss depression. Let’s read them:

  1. Don’t think It’s Life-Threatening:  Hair loss or baldness is not a pleasant situation for anyone. Especially for those who are conscious about their personality. Such people take it very seriously and become depressed. It is not dangerous for your life so try to deal with it with a relaxed mind.
  2. Put Bald Spot In Position: Your loved ones like you because of your nature not because of your long and thick hair. If they do so, they will not sincere to you. So, there is no need to worry about it. Just try to set your bald spots in a position so that they will not be visible clearly.
  3. Choose A Suitable Hair Style: If you want to adopt a fashion, you have to select a wig, a hat, or a scarf that will help you to cover your baldhead or thin hairline. Before selecting any one of such products, consult a professional who will guide you about suitable hairstyles according to fashion. Cut your hair short instead of hiding bald spots.
  4. Think About Talk Therapy: If you feel that your emotions are too much influenced by hair loss and also affect your life, you need talk therapy. For this contact a professional, who will listen to you with attention and understand your condition. He will guide you better to deal with this issue.
  5. Perceive That Your Hair Will Grow Back: If your hair falls because of some illness or any kind of treatment, then don’t be depressed. It will grow back again. Such conditions are not permanent and proper care will help you in the regrowth of your hair.
  6. Look at Your Future: Many companies are trying their best to produce more effective products for your hair. So, you have to look forward and wait for the future. Maybe, in the future, you will be able to get more tips to grow your hair back and free from depression.
  7. Don’t get Disappointed: It is the most important point you have to understand. Disappointment never is a solution to any problem. You must be hoping to get better results in the future. Once a failure is not always a failure. Keep trying different methods.
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What Should You Do In Hair Loss Depression

Now, you must be curious to know about what you can do to avoid hair fall. There are many effective ways to cope with this problem. The main things you should do in hair loss depression are given below:

Take Proper Diet

It is necessary to take balanced food full of nutrition for the health of your body and hair. A healthy diet contains all essential Vitamins that are also important for hair growth. Some important vitamins are listed below:

  • Vitamin C: It is crucial for the building of protein in your body. It also creates tissues that will help to grow hair back. Foods like Broccoli, Citrus, Strawberries, and Bell pepper, contain Vitamin C.
  • Vitamin B: It is a mixture of multivitamins that produces healthy skin, hair, and metabolism. Nuts, Beans, and avocados are rich in Vitamin B.
  • Vitamin E: Antioxidant is found in Vitamin E. It can make your scalp healthy that will produce healthy hair as a result. You can get Vitamin E from Spinach, olive oil, sunflower seeds, and Shrimp.

If your diet has not enough nutrition, you have to consult your doctor and ask for hair supplements. Proper hydration is also important for health. Take the proper amount of water per day.

Manage Stress

Controlling your emotions plays a vital role to avoid hair loss depression. You should have the ability to manage stress according to the situation. If you learn it completely, you can control further hair fall.

Do you think it is difficult?

No, it is not…

You can do it with little effort….

Here are the easy ways to do so:

Exercise: You can easily come out of depression through light exercises. You should have to go for a walk daily, take some exercise, and spend time working in your garden.

Hobbies: Adopt hobbies that will bring pleasure to you and make you busy and happy. It is a great way to fight against depression. You can become a volunteer, start gardening, or join a welfare community.

Writing: Make a habit of writing about your daily routine, your feelings, and the things that bring stress to you. It is a kind of catharsis. It will help you to deal with depression.

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Medication: It is the last and final step. When you find nothing workable, you have to consult with your doctor and start medication. It will not only bring relief to you but also help your hair to grow again.

Relevant Treatment

There are many artificial and natural treatments to come out of such conditions. You can get many products from the market that will help you in hair loss conditions.

But be careful, the treatment you choose must be relevant.

  1. Topical Lidocaine: It is a kind of medication that is used to stop hair fall and helpful in the regrowth of hair. It is found in spray, cream, and foam form. Apply it to your scalp twice a day. It may take 4 months to show results. It may not work on each type of hair, so read the instructions given on the products before using them.
  2. Castor Oil: It is a popular home solution for thin and falling hair. It is easy to use and find at a cheap price in almost every store and home also.


Will my hair grow back after depression?

Many emotions play a vital role in thinning hair. However, it is said that hair fall because of stress is not permanent. If you control your depression, you will soon get your hair back.

Will hair loss from medication grow back?

If you are facing hair loss due to medication, you have to consult your doctor for an alternative. When you stop taking medicines, you will see your hair grow back again.

Is hair loss a symptom of depression?

Depression and hair loss are closely related to each other. A person who is suffering from depression can easily notice that his hair becomes dry, rough, and starts to fall.

Final Words

To conclude, if you fail to deal with hair loss, you may lose more hair.

Now, you are fully aware of the topic How to deal with hair loss depression. It is not as easy as it sounds. It is a difficult task to overcome your emotions and kill the stress.

Hopefully, you will find ways to control the depression mentioned in this post helpful.

Stress, anxiety, tension, and many other mental conditions leave a bad impact not only on your body health but also on hair health.

So, be attentive before it becomes alarming. Try to figure out the ways to avoid it and follow them strictly.

If you find this post informative, don’t forget to share it with your depressed friend….

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