How Often Should You Use A Hair Mask? [Complete Guide According To Hair Type]

Do you know hair masks work like conditioners? They work better than conditioners you use in your daily routine.

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A hair mask is best to give strength, shine, and moisturize to your hair. But for beneficial results, you must be aware of the right method and how many times you can use it.

How often should you use a hair mask?

Normally, you can apply a hair mask once a week. But it is best to use it by following the instructions mentioned on the product. Or you can apply it according to your hair type. For healthy fine, curly, and greasy hair apply the hair mask once a week. On the other hand, for dry, thick, and damaged hair, it is best to use a hair mask twice a week.

Don’t apply the mask too often without following the tips because it will bring problems like breakage and skin damages.

A good quality hair mask will provide your hair shine, strength, softness, and smoothness along with protection from strand breakages.

Let’s start reading this post to know the process in detail.

How Often Should You Use Hair Mask

It is easy to select a hair mask but what will happen if you don’t know how often you can apply a hair mask?

Yes, it’s essential to know about the proper use of a hair mask as well as the number you can use in a week.

We divide the time frame of using a hair mask according to your hair type. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Healthy Hair (Every Other Week)

Many of us are the luckiest people if we have healthy hair. It is a great blessing…

At first, healthy hair doesn’t need to apply any kind of hair mask but if you feel the need, it is best to apply the mask only every other week. There is no need to use it too often.

As you know, a hair mask provides your hair some extra shine and strength, which is lost because of your carelessness.

But with healthy hair, it is easy to bring them back. Because such hair doesn’t need extra care and moisturizing.

Thick Hair (Twice a Week)

As you know, it is difficult to maintain thick hair so you need to apply a hair mask twice a week for thick hair. Why?

Because there is a lot of hair that has to get a complete range of any product you apply to it. If your hair mask has more moisturizing elements, you can use it once a week for thick hair.

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A mask with extra qualities may show you results only in using one time a week. Otherwise, you can use it two times a week if you don’t find any improvement in your hair.

Fine Hair (Once A Week)

Fine but thin hair doesn’t need a hair mask more than once a week. As they already have the strength and ability to fight against hair problems.

If you apply a hair mask too often, it will increase the weight of the hair and break down the hair strands. If you have already fine hair, use a hair mask once a week to make it strong and more shinner.

Just select the hair mask that is made for fine hair. You can see the instructions and mask type on the label of the product.

Curly Hair (Once A Week)

Generally, a hair mask can work better for curly hair if you apply it once a week. Don’t be stupid to use it again and again in a week for the best result. Your stupidity will bring nothing except damage and other risks for your hair curls.

Remember that types of damages may not be repaired by any type of hair mask or solution. Always select the hair mask that is specially designed for curly hair as not all types of mask work better for any type of hair.

Dry Hair (Twice A Week)

If you have dry and dull hair, it needs more care and time. To make dry hair moisturized, you have to put in some extra effort. A hair mask is the best solution to save time and energy.

You can apply a hair mask to dry hair two times per week. That is not suitable for other types of hair. Apply it until you get soft and shiny hair that is possible in a very short time. Just stick to the routine of using a hair mask.

When you find your desired results, apply the mask just once a week.

Greasy Hair (Once A Week)

It must be a challenging task to deal with greasy hair. Many hair products and masks contain some oil. That’s why you must be careful about greasy hair especially when you use a hair mask.

Avoid using it more than once a week. It’s enough to apply a hair mask for greasy hair only one time.

Be careful while selecting the mask for your hair. It is good to read the instructions and ingredients listed on the product.

Damaged Hair (2-3 Times Per Week)

If you are getting damaged hair and want to try a hair mask, it needs more hair masks for better results. No matter how you get damaged hair naturally or by using chemical products, the main concern is to get rid of it.

So, add a hair mask as an essential part of your daily routine. It is best to use a hair mask for damaged hair two to three times per week. Only then, you can achieve desired results.

When you feel better, you can reduce the applying time from 3 to two times.

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How Do You Apply A Hair Mask

Normally, it is best to apply a hair mask after drying it with a towel. But your hair doesn’t be completely dried. As you know some masks are made of different oil like olive and coconut, for the best results apply them to dry hair.

Before using a hair mask, it is crucial to know how do you apply it to your hair. There are some easy tips listed below:

  • Some hair masks may leave stains on your clothes. To avoid them, change your dress and wear an old shirt. You can also put an old towel on your shoulder before applying the mask.
  • For long and thick hair, it is good to divide it into sections. Hair clips are helpful to make separate parts of the hair.
  • Use a small brush to apply the mixture of hair mask properly. You can do it with your fingers but don’t forget to wear
  • For dry hair, start applying the mask from your scalp, and then goes downwards. Repeat the process to cover all the hair.
  • For oily hair, it is best to take a start from the middle to the ends.
  • After applying the whole mask, take a comb with wide-tooth and run it thoroughly to your hair. It will help the mask to cover all the hair.
  • Now take a shower cap or plastic wrap to cover your hair. Also, fold a towel around your head to avoid the mask from the dropdown.
  • Wait at least 20-30 minutes or according to given instructions. Then wash your hair with light warm or cool water. You have to wash 2-3 times to remove the mask completely.

Most Asking Queries

Can you use a hair mask every day?

No, you can’t….It is best to use this beauty product twice or thrice a day. If you use a hair mask more than recommended days, it will prove harmful for your hair roots.

Should I put a hair mask on wet or dry hair?

A hair mask works best when you use it on clean or towel-dried hair that is still damp. If your hair mask is made up of some oil, you can apply it to dry hair.

Is a hair mask better than a conditioner?

Hair conditioner and hair mask both works in different ways. Conditioners give smoothness to silky and straight hair. On the other hand, a hair mask makes hair smooth and straight.

Bottom Lines

Finally, it may be said that a hair mask should prove a helping product. After reading this post, you must be able to know that a hair mask will make your hair dampen and help your hair to grow well.

Surprisingly, it works magically for damaged, rough, dull, and dry hair. You can choose a hair mask according to your hair type. It will help you to know how often should you apply the mask to your hair.

We have also mentioned some homemade hair masks that are not only easy to make but also beneficial.