Does Touching Your Hair Make It Fall Out? [6 Logics To Avoid It]

While sitting alone you start playing with your hair. You may do so unconsciously and soon it becomes your habit.

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You can see many people do so. Sometimes you don’t even know what you are doing…

Do you know the impacts of this habit?


Don’t worry!

I am going to tell you an amazing fact!

Just continue reading.

When you feel your hair shedding too much, what do you blame for it?

Does touching your hair make it fall out?

Yes, excessive touching can harm your hair. When you play with your hair, your hands transfer dirt particles to your scalp and damage the hair roots. It can also put extra oil on your hair and stops the growth of your hair. Dust and oil of your hands mix up with natural oil of your scalp and cause breakage to the ends of hair.

So, keeping your scalp clean is also important. It doesn’t mean only touching hair brings hair greasy or hair fall. There are many other reasons for this problem. You have to just find out the actual cause acting behind it.

If you want to fight against this issue, you have to check out your activity and try to control it.

Let’s explore more about it!

Can Playing with Your Hair Cause Hair Fall

There is a misconception about hair fall. Many people think that hair starts to fall because of bad hair products, diet, or improper care.

No doubt the above-mentioned reasons are somehow correct. But these are not the only causes.

Playing with hair can also bring hair fall.


When you take proper care of your hair, and use good hair products but still have hair loss problems, you have to notice your activities.

If you are in the habit of touching hair too much, it means you bring your hair to the stage of hair loss. It doesn’t matter how much you take care of your hair’s cleanliness. Your hands carry dirt and dust and transfer it to your hair.

If you pull your hair with your fingers unconsciously, your fingertips put external oil or dust particles into natural oil found in your scalp. That will stop natural oil from doing its work and bring hair fall.

So, take care of it when you find the first sign of hair fall.

Why Is Touching Your Hair Bad

Whenever you find your hair rough and fall quickly, you immediately change your hair products. It is a common concept that our hair falls because of bad hair products like conditioner, shampoo, or hair serum.

But actually, it’s not true!

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Playing with your hair unconsciously is the big reason for your hair problems. It sounds harmless to touch your hair but here are some basic reasons that will show you the demerits of touching hair too often. Let’s try to understand them:

It Makes Hair Oily

Oily or greasy hair can create many problems including hair fall. No one likes to have such hair which looks greasy. If your hair looks oily naturally, you must try to set them.

The foremost reason for hair fall is because touching hair makes your hair so oily. Your fingertips have some oil on them naturally. When you touch your hair frequently, it transfers onto your hair from your hands.

Greasy hair makes hair roots weak and eventually results in hair fall. Wash your hair regularly with shampoo for greasy hair.

Disturb Moisture Level Of Hair

On one side, touching your hair too much increases oil in your hair, and on the other side, it removes the natural oils from your scalp.

It is important to know that natural oils and moisture levels are two main things that keep your hair healthy and shiny. That’s why when you put your hand on your hair, again and again, it will disturb the moisture level of your hair. It will reduce the elasticity of your hair and make it easy to fall out.

Your hair becomes dry and breakages will open on the scalp. It is the main cause of hair fall.

Messy Hair

You must be surprised about how your hair becomes so messy and tangled. It is not a good sign as you have to settle down your hair again and again.

It is difficult to manage messy hair. It is a ridiculous situation to have scattered hair at work.

To avoid it, you have to leave the bad habit of touching your hair frequently.

No doubt it is a difficult task, but you can handle it by keeping your hands away from your hair.

Transfer Dirt To Hair

As you are involved in different activities the whole day, your hands get dirt particles and dust. When you touch your hair, these particles transfer towards your hair from your hands.

It is not good for your hair growth and shines. It may block hair follicles and stop them from growing properly. If you like long hair, you have to keep your scalp clean. It may be possible only if you avoid touching your hair unnecessarily.

When dirt and oil mix up with natural hair oil, it will bring breakage to your hair. So, keeping your hands off your hair makes hair healthy and stops baldness.

Causes Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair is another issue created by touching hair too much. Whenever you touch your hair, your fingers get the natural oil from your scalp and make your hair dry and dull.

So, it is best to avoid touching your hair and pull it up. It is often seen that girls with long hair put it up in a bun. It may also make hair frizzy.

Stop your hands to touch hair and make it wavy. It may not be a good look for you. You can set your hair by using a hair gel.

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Makes Your Hair Thin

It may be the worst impact left by your hands on your hair. Yes, it is.

Playing or Touching too much of your hair leaves stains on your scalp and damages the shell. The combination of both issues results in thin hair.

Your hair gets thinner day by day and falls at the end. It may be a desperate situation. Falling hair after thinness may be a severe condition. This brings the bald look to you.

How To Keep Your Hands Away From Hair

Probably, it may be difficult for you to keep your hands away from your hair.  Are you wondering how you get rid of this habit?

Here we are going to mention some easy tips to do so.

  • Try to focus on something else when you find your hand touching your hair. It may be challenging, but you can do it. Involve your hands in some other activity to divert your attention.
  • It is essential to know the cause of touching hair. Sometimes it is because of stress or anxiety. You can stop doing so easily when you are aware of the reason.
  • Stop your hands from wandering in your hair by tying it in a bun. Be careful, don’t tie your hair so tightly as it will damage your hair ends.
  • Make a hairstyle that may protect your hair from all sides. It may also cover the ends of hair. Protective hairstyles not only save your hair from your hands but also make you good-looking.
  • Another effective way to keep your hands away from hair is to cover your head. Try to keep a cap or a scarf on your head at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my hair fall out when I touch it?

It is often seen that touching hair too much may cause serious hair fall and results in baldness. It also makes your hair greasy and damages its roots.

Is touching my hair bad?

Yes, it is bad to touch your hair frequently as it can damage the ends of your hair. Especially, when you rub it with oily or dirty hands. It will transfer dust onto your scalp and hair.

Is it bad to pull my hair?

If you pull your hair hard from the roots, it will destroy the follicles temporarily. But you can grow back your hair after good care. It may take a few months or sometimes a year.

Final Thoughts

Here we put our discussion about Does touching your hair makes it fall, in a nutshell.

Having good and healthy hair is the dream of everyone. It is not a pleasurable sight to see on dull and damaged hair.

You never think that touching hair can bring hair fall or damage to hair. But it is true. When you find nothing works for your hair, you must check out your habit and stop touching hair immediately

Hopefully, this post will prove informative for you. Try to follow the tips to keep your hands away from your head.

All the tips are simple and easy. Also, share this post with your loved ones and tell us some other tips via the VIA comment section, if you know.