Does Longer Hair Look Thinner? [3 Reasons]

Is this your dream to grow long and silky hair? If so, you will have to take certain measures to stop your hair from thinning. Because long hair looks odd when they become thin. For fine or less dense hair, having long hair is not ideal.

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But for dense hair it’s OK.

If you want both long and thick hair, this post is for you!

In this article, you’ll learn the reasons why long hair looks thin, hairstyles that can make your face look thinner with long hair, and many more.

Before scrolling down read this quick answer: Does longer hair look thinner?

Yes, it looks thinner when the hair strand is naturally less dense. As long hair is heavier and more pulling downward. With length, hair loses its strength and health. That’s why you might have seen split ends a very common issue with long hair. Sometimes hairstyles also show long hair thinner than it really is

Ask a professional hairstylist to suggest products or sprays that add volume to your hair.  Keep scrolling there are so many hairstyles mentioned here that will make your face look thinner.

Can Long Hair Look Thinner

Is this your final decision to have long hair? If so, it’s nice!

But you will have to compromise on hair density. As long hairs don’t look much dense. In rare cases, you may have seen both longer and thicker hair. While there are several people you might have seen with long and thin hairs.

Let’s kill the confusion first: can long hair seem thinner?

Does length make your hair look thinner? Or is it something else?

Girls planning to have long hair must read this: Can long hair go thinner?

Yes, longer hairs contain more weight than short ones. They seem more pulled downwards and look thinner. In reality, they are not as much thinner as they appear to be. However, healthy, curly, and dense hair always looks dense despite the length.

Many hairstyles can make long hairs look thicker. You can spray hair volumizer for instant effect. Furthermore, blow drying at the roots of crown hair can also make long hair look dense.

Why Does Long Hair Look Thinner: 3 Reasons

Three main reasons contribute to making long hair thin. They are heavier and tend to pull downwards. Sometimes hair itself is thin and when it grows longer it looks even thinner from the top. Few hairstyles make hair look thinner as well.

Let’s discuss 3 main reasons in brief detail:

1- Pulling Sensation

When hair grows long it goes downwards. This adds to the pulling sensation as long hair is heavier. When we pull something it looks stretchy. The same happens with hair, it looks stretcher and less thick. Moreover the longer it grows, the weaker it becomes.

2- Fine Hair Texture

Thinner hair is more common if you have fine hair. But dense curly hair doesn’t look thinner as it grows long. When hair becomes weaker with length, it looks thinner. It’s better to keep the hair to a normal length and take care of its health. As the health of hair matters more than length. This instant volumizing spray will show you’re fine hair dense temporarily.

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3- Hair Styling

Most of the time hair itself is not thinner, but style or cutting show it so. This happens when you go on with cutting so many layers. This makes the top of your hair look thinner. If you want to add volume to your long hair, consult a professional hairstylist.

If you want to make hairstyles, have a look at these trendy hair styling tools.

Does Longer Hair Look Thinner Male

Indeed it’s fashionable for males to have long hair. I have seen many youngsters crazy about long curls, shoulder cuts, and long hair buns. For girls, long hairs tend to grow thinner after reaching a certain length. Does this happen with males too?

Does long hair look thinner male?

It’s natural for men’s hair to turn thinner over time. The longer they grow, the thinner they go. It can be the starting point of male pattern baldness. If men take extra care of hair, they can control hair problems at an early stage.

There are so many hairstyles popular with men having long hair. For example:

  • Slick Back
  • Ponytail
  • Long textured waves
  • Man Bun
  • Long hair with part
  • Half -Up long hair
  • Long braids
    Long curls
  • Long and Straight
  • Dreadlocks
  • Long Puff
  • Long Undercut

Try these wigs, if you want to hide male pattern baldness.

Does Longer Hair Make Your Body Look Thinner or Skinner

Wondering to know about the impact of longer hair on your figure? If so, then reading this section is a must for you. If short hairs can make you look young and energetic then what do long hairs do?

Does longer hair make your body look thinner or skinner?

Yes, it’s true to some extent. Longer hair with proper styling can show you thinner or slimmer than you really are. It draws the eye’s focus upwards instead of downwards. That’s why it makes you look slimmer.

When someone sees you and you have long hair, his focus naturally diverts to your hair instead of your body. He starts gazing from the upper portion of your body to the lower portion. In this attempt, you appear to be slimmer.

It’s not always the case. Hair alone can’t make you look thinner. It’s your hairstyle in the actual sense that shows you a bit thinner. Professional hair stylists are trained to dress up your hair in such a way that your body fits well in hairstyles. They know how to hide bulky bodies with proper styling.

Does Long Hair Make Your Face Look Thinner or Skinnier?

What hairstyle suits my face? It’s not chubby.

I want to make it look thinner. Can I make my face look thinner through haircuts? Or should I grow long hair to make my face look skinnier?

Does long hair make the face look thinner?

Yes, long hairs with proper styling have the ability to show your face thinner than it really is. When long hair passes along the face line, it makes your face elongated. They can also make the vertical lines of silhouette prominent. If you want to make your face thinner, focus more on styling longer hairs properly.

With silky open hairs, chubby faces also look slimmer. While short hair makes your chin line prominent and shows you fatter.

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A hairstylist recommends long hair for those who want to look slimmer. They recommend short hair for those who want to look underage and fatter.

If you are having a double chin or chunky face, discuss it with your hairstylist. He or she will advise you accordingly.

Below are the 6 hairstyles that can your face thinner:

  • Voluminous Top Knot
  • Low Bun
  • Side Braid
  • French Braid
  • Double Braid
  • Crown Braid

Does Longer Hair Make You Look Thinner Or Fatter

Is it your hair that makes you look thinner and fatter?

If you are fat, you will obviously look fat. But certain hairstyles can show you less fat. However, it does not mean that hair can reduce your weight. It’s all about perception. Long hairs change the angle of the viewer’s sight.

Does long hair make you look thinner or fatter? It’s not just hair, it’s all about hairstyling and haircutting. For thinner looks, longer hair is advisable. For fatter looks, short hair cuts or bobs are more effective. The length itself is an important factor that can impact your looks a little bit.

Your hairstylist will inquire before cutting what kind of looks you prefer.

Your answer will help him or her to decide what to do.

5 types of haircuts show you thinner:

  1. Bob Cut
  2. Layers
  3. Pixie Cut
  4. Bangs
  5. Up-do

Try these haircuts if you dream of having thinner looks.

Does Long Hair Make Your Head Look Smaller

Is your head large naturally? If so, how should you style your head to make it look smaller?

It’s better to have long hair rather than bobs. As it can draw your focus more in an upward direction. Hence the head would appear to be smaller.

Yes, less curly flat long hair makes your head look smaller. It is weighty and pulled downwards. It enhances the elongated view of the head. That is pretty much smaller and slimmer. On the other hand, short hairs make the head look bigger. As it starts from the chin and ends at the earlobe.

If you want to make an enormous head appear smaller follow the tips:

  1. Wear hats
  2. Grow hairs
  3. Bulk up the rest of your body
  4. Accentuate your eyes


Does long hair make thinning hair look worse?

Yes, if not cut or style properly thin hair looks odd. When they grow more they make the thinning top look even thinner. To get fullness, you’ll have to cut it after all.

Is long hair good for thin hair?

It’s Ok to have long hair for thin hair. But you’ll have to style it or cut it in layers to look voluminous. Otherwise, it’ll look odd and thinner with extra length. Layering too much can also make your long hair look thinner.

Does hair look thicker longer?

Long hair is heavier. It puts the weight of hair stay down as it is pulling. It’s a common misconception that by not cutting, you can make your hair thicker. In reality, longer hair looks stringy and thinner. If you want to make it look thicker you will have to cut it.

Final Thoughts

Lastly, a harsh fact about long hair is that it looks thinner. The reason might be pulling, split ends, unhealthy hair strands, thin hair itself, or extra length. For naturally thin hair, it’s unrealistic to think about adding weight with increasing length.

If you want both length and thickness, take extra care of your hair. Ask a professional hairstylist to suggest cutting that suits your body and face.

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