Does Hairspray Cause Hair Loss? (Yes or No)

Nowadays it is trendy to make different hairstyles to get a new and unique look. It is possible by the number of hair products that are available in the market.

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Hairspray is one of such products. I am sure having good settled hair, you don’t want to face hair loss issues. You must be puzzled while using hairspray. Is it dangerous to use hairspray? Does it create hair fall problems?

Have you noticed your hair fall out after using hairspray? Don’t worry! You can get the answer in this post. First, does hairspray cause hair loss? Let’s see the answer.

Absolutely not. Hairspray itself doesn’t harm your hair until you use it in large amounts and in the wrong way. Its overuse of hairspray can cause scalp problems like rashes, redness, and dryness. The only need is to apply it on average according to instructions labeled on the product.

The main purpose of hairspray is to set your hairstyle according to your wish. It will avoid your hair from spreading and scattering. You can remove it after washing your hair. It’s essential because if it remains in your hair for a long time, it will leave bad effects.

For detailed info, read this post completely.

Is Hairspray Dangerous For Your Hair

Generally, when we talk about hairspray, we came to know that hairspray is not dangerous for our hair. It is commonly used by people who find difficulty in settling their hair.

Many of us use it in our daily routine but it can be bad for our hair. Why? Here is a simple reason. Many products have chemicals that are harmful to hair growth and eventually bring hair fall.

It happens only if you apply hairspray without knowing its harmful effects. So, it’s important to know about the product before using it.

It doesn’t mean that you can make hairspray criminal for your hair loss. The only fact behind it is that you have applied it to your hair excessively. Just stop using it too often and see the change.

Don’t make it your daily habit. Apply it only when you need like while making styles. Remember to wash the spray from your hair and later apply a light conditioner. It will help to protect your hair from damages.

Hence you can avoid skin problems along with hair loss and low hair growth.

Does Hairspray Cause Hair Loss

How do you know that you are facing a hair loss problem? It’s not difficult to figure out. If you find hair in your comb, at your pillow, or in a washroom hole, it means you are facing hair loss.

Usually, you notice this situation when the problem becomes worst. The main reason for hair fall is weak follicles of hair. Hair follicles are small holes on your scalp from which hair comes out and grows.

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Sometimes, people think that they get hair fall issues because of hairspray. Actually, they are wrong.

Directly, hairspray has no bad effect on your hair. It is not responsible for hormone problems, hair damages that create hair loss.

It can cause hair fall only if you use it too often and without any need. It can create dryness, irritation, and also shed hair a lot.

Again and again, we make it clear that hairspray itself is not dangerous for hair. The only reason for its side effects is that it contains some chemicals that are harmful. That can be dangerous for hair if you apply it frequently. So, be careful while selecting a product and apply it according to the given instructions.

When Should You Stop Using Hairspray

If you don’t have any problem with hairspray then why should you stop using it? What are the reasons that make you realize that you should stop applying hairspray to your hair?

Generally, the use of hairspray regularly may create many problems not only for hair but also for the skin. Here are some symptoms that you can see after daily use of it:

  • Dandruff
  • Dryness
  • Itchiness
  • Irritation
  • Flakes on scalp
  • Product Development

Do you think these issues are created by hairspray? No, not at all. Hairspray is only a minor factor that adds its share only if you use it in the wrong way and excessively.

All the above-mentioned issues occur if you apply hairspray on dirty and improper cleansed hair. It’s important to rinse your hair with a good quality shampoo and conditioner for the best results of hairspray.

It is recommended to avoid any hair product if you find any of the above issues. Just use natural products or products that contain a low ratio of chemicals.

Bad Effects of Hairspray

No doubt hairspray works magically in making hairstyles and handling your hair. Along with beneficial characteristics, it has also some side effects like other chemical products.

If you make it an essential part of your daily life and apply it daily without any need, it can prove dangerous.


Let me tell you!

Some side effects of hairspray are listed below:

  • There are many chemicals found in hairspray like solvents and polymers that are the big source of skin issues. They create skin, nose, and eyes irritation along with sneezing and rashes.
  • Breath problems mostly occur because of the frequent use of hairspray. If you inhale hairspray daily, it may lead you towards diseases like low blood pressure, cancer, and lungs failure. So, try to use natural products like sugar, lemon, and natural hair serum.
  • If you forget to wash hairspray from your hair, it may make your hair dry and dull. You can also get split ends from the daily use of hairspray.

How to Use Hairspray Correctly

To avoid any problem, you have to know the proper way of using hairspray. So that you can avoid the harmful effects of it.

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Let me explain some easy ways to use hairspray without any side effects:

  • Many hairsprays have instructions about how to use them so that you can apply them easily. Keep the distance of 12 inches between your hairspray and hair. Keep moving the spray to cover all of your hair. Stop spraying if your hair becomes hard.
  • To avoid inhaling problems, choose the room that is properly ventilated and use hairspray
  • Don’t apply the product directly to your scalp because many hair products contain alcohol and other elements that can create dryness.
  • Be careful and don’t go near the flames because there are many elements in hairspray that are inflammable.
  • Don’t forget to wash your right after the use of hairspray and store it at a place that must be cool and away from sun rays and heat.

Do you follow the above-mentioned care tips? If yes, then there is no need to worry while using hairspray.

How To Make Natural Hairspray With Sugar

Amazingly, you can make your own hairspray naturally at home. Yes, it’s not only true but also an easy task.

Are you afraid of chemical products? Do you want to try some less harmful?

Don’t worry! We have a homemade hairspray that you can make at home yourself. Let’s see!


  • Filtered water(1 Cup)
  • Sugar(2 tablespoons)
  • Lavender Essential Oil (2 drops)
  • Spray bottle

How To Make:

Put water in a saucepan and make it heated. Add sugar dissolved it properly in water. Let it be cooled. Add 2 drops of lavender oil and put the mixture in a spray bottle. Shake well and apply it to your hair. Don’t store it for more than 2 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the side effects of hairspray?

There are many side effects caused by hairspray. Some of them are red eyes, itchiness, rashes, and sneezing. If you use it excessively, it will create breathing problems, low blood pressure, and lungs diseases.

Does hairspray damage your hair?

No, it’s completely wrong. Hairspray never damages your hair even you empty a bottle on your hair at a time. The condition is to use it in moderation. Excess use can create many skin problems as well as hair loss and other hair issues.

Does hairspray wash out with water?

Yes, you can do that. For tangled hair, it is easier to remove hairspray as you don’t have any need to wash with water. Just brush your hair properly. If you use hairspray regularly, you have to do much work for removing hairspray from your hair.

Final Verdict

Here we sum up our fabulous journey about does hairspray causes hair loss?

It is clear from the above discussion that hairspray has no direct relation to hair fall and hair growth. Anyhow, using hairspray a lot may cause hair problems because many hairsprays contain chemicals and ingredients that are not suitable for your hair.

If you apply it daily, make yourself ready for the harmful effects of hairspray. So, you have to be careful while using it. Pay attention to the quality of the product and make a timetable for using it.

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