Does Cutting Split Ends Help Hair Grow? [Myth Vs Fact]

Most of our hair comes in thick and long, so the struggle of thinning hair is something we all encounter. And sometimes the cause of thinning hair can get complicated. But when we see anecdotal evidence, like “people who cut split ends tend to grow faster” we tend to believe it, right?

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What our science says about split ends, and whether you should cut them in hopes of them being gone for good. If you want to know all about trimming dead ends of hair, read this post. Here you will get the facts about cutting off the split ends.

Let’s get the answer: Does cutting split ends help hair grow?

No, cutting the split ends of hair doesn’t improve your hair growth. However, it can make your hair look dense, thick, and healthy.

Hair growth is largely dictated by daily nutrition and the health of your roots. As soon as the roots are damaged, hair no longer has the capacity to grow. Split ends caused by cutting, styling, and shedding can lead to unhealthy hair growth and overgrown hair that takes longer to trim down to the desired length.

Can You Make Your Hair Grow By Trimming Split Ends

That’s not entirely true. Hair growth originates from the follicles on our scalps, not the ends of our hair. Yet, chopping off dead ends has little effect on the follicles’ hair on top. According to the Director of Color proof Education: “There are no supernatural powers in barbering scissors that promote our hair grow after we get a trimming,”

It’s a well-known fact that pulling a split end doesn’t help hair grow any faster or get softer. It might actually slow down the process. So what’s the point of it? Cut the split ends and you’ll save time and money!

What Are The Benefits Of Cutting Split Ends

It’s not to argue you shouldn’t trim your hair on a routine basis. Trimming, on the other hand, gets rid of bothersome split ends, which can stifle hair growth by injuring the hair roots. In Sunnie Brook’s opinion(hairstylist) “Once you have split ends, the new hair splits up the shaft, resulting in damage and poorer ‘growth,”. Frequent trimmings are the only method to avoid outer sheath and promote healthier tresses.

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How to get your hair to grow faster By Trimming

A short trim isn’t going to cut it:

If you absolutely want to improve hair growth, you must start from the inside out. This covers both improving blood flow to the scalp and ingesting hair-growth nutrients, which can be done with a relaxing, stress scalp massage.

Increase Your Hair Growth By Scalp Massage:

On the area of scalp massage, increased blood supply provides essential food and energy to the hair follicle, which can improve hair growth. The simplest option is to Massage Scalp While Washing Your Hair :

According to hairstylist Miko Branch:

“Massage the scalp during washing to enhance the blood circulation, reduce stress levels, and encourage hair growth,”. If you prefer, you can do a dry scalp massage by just moistening the tips of your fingers with oil and rubbing thoroughly. Daily scalp massages, on the other hand, have been proved to encourage hair development.”

Take Nutritional Supplements:

Collagen and biotin are two nutrients that can offer the body particular amino acids that makeup keratin. Low doses of biotin, in particular, have been associated with hair loss. These supplements can help with hair growth. Consider taking antioxidants like vitamin C and vitamin E to help detoxify your scalp.

There are plenty of additional techniques to protect your hair and maintain it long and strong, so the above ways are important for nourishing those follicles themselves from the inside.

Experts Opinion About Trimming Dead Ends: Is It A Hair Myth?

This sounds unbelievable. Hair trimming has no direct impact on hair growth. Many popular hairstylists declare it a hair myth. Below are the arguments of these naysayers:

Cheryl Roberts Opinion:

Cheryl Roberts is a famous stylist of the celebrity salon Mecca 901. She says, “Cutting the hair and splitting the ends does not let the hair grow. Only it supports growth. Because if a hair has a split end, it will continue to split, resulting in breakage or what appears to be no growth.”

Her top tip: “Because the hair isn’t splitting and losing length, it feels you look like grow faster with frequent trims.”

Tish And Sookys Opinion

Tish and Snooky,  have been hair experts for over 40 years. They believe: the whole hair-trimming enterprise is a fake belief. Though cutting split ends will keep them from becoming worse and leave your hair sound prettier overall. So cutting it will not let your hair grow because it does not develop from the underside.

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Eloise Cheungs Opinion

Eloise Cheungs is a popular expert of NYS. According to her:

New hair development usually originates at the scalp and roots, therefore cutting or dusting the ends of the hair is more of a protective and hygiene strategy.  By removing the split and brittle ends, you’re guaranteeing that injury does not travel up the hair strand towards the origins, which can lead to breaking hair.

She explains. “Because hair beyond the scalp cannot be put back together, cutting out the damaged hair saves the healthy hair and allows the entire head to grow more.”

She advises: All you have to do is be careful not to pull out any of the healthy hair, or your hair will appear to never grow.


What causes your hair to grow more quickly?

Some things you can do to help your hair grow quicker. For example: take healthy diets, intake enough protein, avoid caffeine-containing items, use hair oils, use a balanced nutritional diet, make a habit of scalp massage, consider platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. And avoid heating equipment.

Is it okay to chop split ends?

Just one solution to get rid of split ends fully is to chop them off. Tragically, after they’ve been destroyed, they can’t be repaired. These scissors are sharper than normal scissors, resulting in a clean-cut instead of a fraying cut. Which can cause split ends.

What happens if you don’t cut off the dead ends?

If you don’t remove the dead edges, they’ll break the hair strands in all. Split ends cause the healthy hair to become brittle, unhygienic, bouncy, and weak. Split ends are inevitable, no issue with how well you care for your hair. That’s why it’s advisable that you should get a trim occasionally.

The Takeaway

Cutting your hair doesn’t always make it grow faster. However, that doesn’t invalidate the importance of regular trims. Trimming damaged split ends maintains healthy hair.

That not only seems thicker and longer but also prevents breakage and poor growth. Anyhow, you should start at the origin with good scalp hygiene to induce genuine growth in all shafts.

That’s all there is to it, guys. The verdict is still undecided, but one thing is certain: if you have split ends, you must remove them quickly to prevent more hair breaking.