Does Cutting Hair Short Reduce Hair Fall? [7 Myths & Reality]

Hair loss is a common problem nowadays. Usually, it is seen in men that is called male pattern baldness.

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There is a common concept that once hair fall starts it is difficult to stop it. What do you think?

No doubt, it is a difficult task but you can control it only if you are fully aware of the cause of hair fall.

Some people think that a short haircut may help you to reduce hair fall…

Is it true or a myth?

Does cutting hair short reduce hair fall?

Scientifically cutting does not stop hair fall, but trimming from ends stops hair damage. In case of split ends, it is recommended to trim the hair ends after every 2 months. If your hair is growing thin, cutting can make it appear dense. It’s better to focus on the root cause of hair fall rather than cutting.

Why do people say that short haircuts can reduce hair fall?

In short hair cuts, your hair looks thick because it gathers on the base and gets a thicker look.

A shaved head is also helpful in reducing hair fall. It will make your hair follicles stronger than before.

Curious to know more facts about it. Let’s dive into it more.

Does Short Hair Slow Down Hair Loss

Do you think long hair is a big reason for hair fall? Are you planning to cut your hair short? Does it really work to reduce hair loss??


Before doing so, just look at this post and find the answer.

In my opinion, short hair doesn’t stop hair loss. However, it really works for some people. When they cut their hair short because of hair fall, they clearly see a result. Their hair stops falling and even looks healthier and thicker.

So, don’t believe in others, just try yourself to get the experience. Everyone has different types of hair. Maybe it works on your hair better than others.

Sometimes shaving your head completely is also effective for hair loss. It may bring more healthy and thick hair…

The logic behind it is that it will divide the pressure on the scalp and help all hair to get the energy that is difficult for long hair.

Your hair also looks thick because short hair gathers at the base of the scalp and gives it a healthy look.

When Hair Fall Starts

It is important to know the average age when hair fall starts…

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Normally, hair loss has no specific age to fall. It usually starts from puberty and continues until the age of 50 to 60.

Hair fall mostly starts in the early teens or early 20s but you often see many people of age 50 or 60 with heads full of hair.

How do they make it possible?


They do it by living a healthy life, eating a balanced diet, taking vitamins, taking proper care of hair, and using good quality products.

Normally, hair fall starts because of hormonal changes, taking medicine, any disease, and heredity.

When you know about the actual reason for hair fall, you can overcome this situation easily. The most common cause for hair fall is the heredity of age.

Hair fall can be temporary or permanent. It depends upon the cause and the condition of your hair.

You should have to consult your doctor to stop the hair loss before using any product and the right reason for working behind it…

7 Myths About Hair Loss

Myth 1: It is said that Air Conditioners or AC rooms are a big cause of hair loss. Let’s find the truth.

Reality: Air conditioners make your hair dull and dry, but it doesn’t mean that they bring hair loss. There is no genuine proof that will blame it for hair loss.

Myth 2: If you lose hair daily, you must think that you are going to be bald.

Reality: Losing 100-150 hair daily is normal. So, don’t feel worried about it. But if you find more hair losing quickly it means hair fall starts. So, find the solution or consult your doctor.

Myth 3: When you find hair loss during straightening and smoothening, you blame them for hair fall.

Reality: It’s false….hair fall never comes because of hair products. If you feel more hair loss while using these treatments, it is best to slow down the method as it can provoke hair to fall.

Myth 4: Massaging your scalp regularly can reduce hair fall and help your hair to grow back.

Reality: Head massage will be helpful in blood circulation. But blood circulation has no relation with hair growth. The main cause of hair fall is too much brushing.

Myth 5: Now the most popular myth is that cutting your hair short may reduce false hair. Is it true?

Reality: No it’s not true… It is not helpful in hair growth. The only thing you feel is that your hair looks thicker because a short haircut makes your hair thick from the base.

Myth 6: Some people use a blow dryer too much because they think that it is not harmful to hair and don’t allow it to fall.

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Reality: Yes, it is right that blow hair damages your hair from roots and it starts to fell. But such hair grows back again immediately.

Myth 7: Here is a common concept that hair loss has no proper solution. You can’t prevent your hair from falling.

Reality: No not at all… We live in the digital world. Science has advanced too much. So, you can easily control this problem and get healthy hair.

I hope now you are fully aware of the reality behind hair loss. After knowing it, you can cover this issue easily.

How To Reduce Hair Fall Instantly

Short hair cut is not the permanent way to reduce hair fall because as it grows longer, hair loss comes again. So, what to do?

Some easy ways will help you to come out of this problem forever. Follow them carefully and see the result.

The main tips to reduce hair fall are listed below:

  • Don’t make hairstyles that pull your hair.
  • Keep high heating tools from your hair.
  • Don’t bleach your hair and avoid chemical products.
  • Use mild shampoo according to the type of your hair.
  • Use a soft brush of good quality fibers to comb your hair.
  • If needed, get a low-level light therapy.
  • Massage your scalp gently with natural oils like Lavender oil, Thym oil, and Clary sage oil.

For the best results, try to follow all the above tips and get your healthy and thick hair back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which hairstyle is good for preventing hair loss?

The best and popular hairstyle to prevent hair loss is a ponytail. It will also maintain hair health. Don’t pull your hair hard to reduce your hairline.

Which oil is best to stop hair fall?

Coconut oil, Castor oil, and Fenugreek seed powder are the best tonic to stop hair fall and healthy growth of hair.

How to comb hair without falling it?

Always use a good-quality hairbrush or comb with a wooden wide-tooth comb. Start from the end and go upside slowly towards the roots. Comb your hair in a way that it may not pull healthy hair.

Final Thoughts

It is clear from the above discussion that it is not easy to reduce hair fall. There are many ways to stop it but proper hair care is very important among them.

Luckily, we live in the digital world of wonderful inventions. It makes it possible for us to explore more and more easy techniques to get the best-looking hair…

Unfortunately, there is no proof that a short haircut can reduce hair fall, but it will help your hair become thick and look healthy.

After googling about this topic, we concluded that you should get experience by cutting your hair short. Sometimes it is also helpful to reduce stress.

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