Does Blow Drying Your Hair with Cold Air Damages It? [Expert Opinion]

When it comes to drying hair instantly out of the daily shower, blow-dry is the only option. It is a procedure in which hot air is applied on damp hair through a hairdryer to make hair silky, soft, and frizz-free.

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You might have noticed cold air as well as hot air switch on the hairdryer. Understanding the purpose of hot air is simple to make hair dry. If you want to know about cold air blow-dry, go through this post.

Does blow dry your hair with air damages your hair?

No, it does not damage as much as hot air. Cold air tends to seal cuticles that are usually ruffled in hot air. However, its regular usage can make hair frizzy. Apply hair protectants and moisturize your hair well if you want to use hair drying tools daily.

Hairdryers or hair styling tools all convert electric energy into heat energy to style up hair. Hot air gives results faster but its damages to hair are long-term. If you love your hair, wash hair with cold water and dry it in cold air.

What if the weather is too cold? Change the setting and apply hot air first and then go for cold air.

Will Cold hair dryer damage hair

Unfortunately blow-drying is always damaging. However hot air blow drying is quite more damaging than cold air. The reason is that hot air with pressure tends to boil the water drops trapped in the hair. It causes heat damage

A cold air dryer does not hurt hair as hot air does. If it is done 7 days a week, it does ruffle the outside of the cuticle. The pressure of air in both cases is not good as drying hair in the fresh air at room temperature.

If you’re too worried about heat damage, cold air blow-dry is the best option. Check the setting of your blow dryer and keep the fan speed moderate as too much air can cause frizz and knots.

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Can you blow-dry your hair with cold air?

The presence of a cold air button on the dryer can confuse you about its usage. If hair is dried with hot air then why is it there? Blow dryer dry hair with blowing hot air pressure on hair to make them dry. If the air is hot, the wetness evaporates from the hair quickly. If the air is cold, water takes time to dry.

Can you blow-dry your hair with cold air? Yes, it does, but it takes time and leaves moisture at the end.  Hair experts recommend drying with hot air at first and then switching to cold air to regain shine. Cold air repairs hair from hat air damage. It tends to seal cuticles that are likely to stay open after hot air blows dry.

What happens when you dry your hair with cold air

Choosing hot air vs cold air is a big debate when blow-drying. For this, don’t forget to consider the weather factors and your hairstyling routine. If the weather is too hot and sweaty, a cold air blow dryer may dry up and dehydrate hair strands effectively.

If the weather is too cold, using a cold air blow dryer can leave moisture in the end. It will not dry up hair properly as the weather is already cold. Similarly, a cold blow dryer in large humid conditions may not dry your hair properly. The solution, in this case, is to use hot air blow dry at first and then change it to cold air.

Below are a few advantages of using cold air to dry up your hair:

  • It adds volume to hair
  • It restores the natural shine of hair
  • It protects the cuticle from heat damage
  • It sets hairstyle
  • It does not change the texture of hair
  • It keeps hair moisturized

When to use a cold air blow dryer for your hair

The cool button of cold air blow drying on the hairdryer is amazing itself. But don’t know why it is most of the time underestimated. The reason is that many people are unaware of its healthy effects on hair. They don’t even know that a combination of hot hair plus cold air is inevitable if you’re using the dryer on a daily basis.

The right time of using cold air blow dry comes when you are about to finish hot air blow dry. At this stage, it helps to regain the original shape of the cuticle. The cuticles tend to expand when hot air is blown with pressure.

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It can destroy cuticles and leave hair fuzzy if cold air is not used to repair it. When cold air touches the hair strands, it relaxes.

Should you blow-dry hot or cold: Hot air Vs Cold air Blowdry

Hot air blowdry is a faster way to evaporate water from hair. Within 5 to 10 minutes, you can make your hair dry after blowing hot air. On the other hand, cold air is a timely process to reduce wetness from hair. It may take 20 to 25 minutes to dry hair completely with cold air depending on the weather.

Hot air works to dry hair in almost all types of weather. On the other hand, cold hair does not work well in cold temperatures below 0 degrees celsius. If the weather is too cold and humid, it is recommended to use hot air first and then cold air.

Hot air is unhealthy for hair especially because it damages hair cuticles. It also contributes to dryness and dandruff if it is done on a daily basis. While cold air is healthy, it keeps hair moisturized, dehydrated, and strong.

Tips to Avoid Cold Air Blowdry Damage To Hair

Professionals use different techniques to avoid heat damage as a result of blow-drying. Celebrities who need to style hair daily often follow safety measures to protect hair from heat tools. Below are a few safety tips that pro hairstylists use:

  • Rinse hair thoroughly before using blowdry
  • Use a microfiber towel to let the water from hair soak completely
  • Don’t use a dryer if water is dripping from hair
  • Let the hair dry in fresh air after a shower until water stops dripping
  • Keep the blow dryer at the distance of 5 to 10 inches from the hair
  • Apply conditioner if you shower daily
  • Keep the fan of blow dryer speed setting “medium”
  • Apply hair protectant spray before using drying tools
  • Limit the use of styling and drying tools once a week only

Last Lines

After going through this post, you can fully understand the advantages of cold air blowing dry.  If you want to add extra volume to light hair, cold air is a good option. Add 10 extra minus in your drying ritual for cold air.

But keep one thing in mind, tools are unhealthy whether they are hot or cold for hair. Always try to dry hair in the fresh air and don’t cover or style wet hair.