Can You Have Long Hair In The Military? [All Military Rules]

Haircut in the army is more important because the uniformity in the military depends on the same haircut. So, the military has to make strict regulations for the haircut of their personals.

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If you are going to join the military and want to know about the haircut rules of the military. This post will help you to introduce the rules of hair grooming.

Can you have long hair in the military?

The military does not allow men to grow long hair but women are allowed to grow their hair longer. Long hair is banned because it does not show uniformity. And the military is all based on uniformity.

The length of hair can interfere with the headgear of army personnel. So the military has to make strict rules for the haircut of servicemen. It is what they have to do for the safety and uniformity of a unit.

Let’s explain the reasons for this short haircut for soldiers.

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How Long Haircut Is Allowed In Any US Military

In US Military, as far as it is concerned with culture, the common haircuts are tights, high, and Buzz. Most units of the military let their soldiers get a single haircut weekly.  Depending on your location and personality, you may get permission to grow longer hair in some parts of the US military.

Female service members are not allowed to style their long hair which can affect the combat of safety. They have to fix their hair in a paternalistic style. You will never find any female soldier with an open hairstyle.

Is Army Planning To Modernize Its Haircut And Grooming Rules

Senior military commands planned certain changes in the haircut rules of their service members. These regulations were announced in 2021 on a digital news Task & purpose.

These discussions were about permitting women to wear ponytails.

Most of the representatives of the panel taking this decision were female service members.

According to these regulations, the following changes were announced officially:

  • The length for a short haircut is not more than 1 inch, nor less than 1/4 inch.
  • For medium hair, it should not cross the collar’s lower edge.
  • Longer hair is allowed from the pat collar’s lower edge.
  • Women should style their hair with a professional look.

4 Reasons For Keeping Short Hair In Military

Short haircut is an invention of the modern era resulting from trench fighting of WW1. It is helpful to prevent your hair from pulling during combat. Service members with longer hair feel difficult to fix hair in tough circumstances.

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Below we have enlisted the reasons for the short haircut of the military:

1.  A Clean Shortcut Shows Healthy And Smart Personality

As everyone expects a groomed look of service members, a short haircut is obviously a sign of a groomed personality. So it is easy for soldiers to show neatness with short haircuts rather than longer hair. Long ago when there was no concept of weaponry battle, there was a risk of disease among soldiers not taking care of neatness. Such diseases have the potential of spreading throughout the members.

Although a short haircut is not a symbol of a clean man, it represents the good look of military men. It shows that service members are conscious of their grooming qualities. You can also judge the overall neatness of military staff by short haircut styles. Truly a peaking, we are living in dirty atmospheric conditions.

2.  A Clean Personality Cause Inspiration In Civilians For Militants

A well-groomed personality of a serviceman has always been a source of inspiration for a common man. Naturally, by seeing a graceful and neat military staff, you will emotionally start to regard them. Obviously, you love well-maintained marines with troops and looking nice and fine.

As army service members have to serve the country, they need respect from civilians. Because it is a basic need of this profession. Uncivilized servicemen can never win the heart of the common population. From the above two personalities, surely, you will like to get the support of a good-looking service member, even when you are in an intense situation.

3.  You Can Avoid A High And Thigh

Several troops don’t grow their hair long to prevent their hair from being grabbed from the opposite side. But it doesn’t happen often because they use helmets to save them during fights.

Normally, a short haircut provides a fighting benefit. But this concept is not authentic. It is rare in a fight that a member pulls the hair of another fighter as mariners have ever grabbed their hair from militants.

4.  For Using Gas Mask Easily

Another reason for not allowing longer hair is to fix the gas mask properly on your face. Maybe it is a hard fact for some people. The others I will freely admit, maybe they are true, and maybe they aren’t. This one, though, is a hard fact because the military allowed longer hair in the past. It has also been a sign of a superstitious brave man in pictures of that time.

As a gas mask needs a perfect seal on your face to protect you from harmful gases used on the battlefield, the military has built up tough regulations for standard haircuts. However, the haircut is a sign of unit cohesion. It causes uniformity in a unit. You can also avoid the risk of death caused by neck breakage jerk through a speedy nerve attack.

Can You Have Long Hair In The Army Uk

The MOD (minister of defense) relaxes their personnel to grow longer hair. They have to take this hard decision to invite the expertise of the country to register their cyber reservoir.

In 2015, Air Chief Marshal revealed this relaxation in his report. For this, the MOD skipped the tough physical tests for cyber force. Because the brass in the UK warned that major thermal stations and hospitals are on the target of the cyber military.

As of today 2021, both male and female military staff was permitted to fix their hair in locks, cornrows, and twists. Men’s hair length should not touch the ears or colors. Your face should not be covered by your hair as well.

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Can You Have Long Hair In The Canadian Military

Women service members of the Canadian army were restricted to tie their hair in buns or braids while performing their duties in the past. Canadian army gives more importance to appearance. Short haircuts are common in personnel.

Male have to wear their hair clean and short. Removal of overall hair is also allowed. Females have to fix their hair in a variety of styles even if it does not disturb the appearance of army headdresses.

Can You Have Long Hair In Military US

Recently, long hair is banned in all branches of the US military. Haircut in the army is defined in crew style to display the neckline and the ears because they maintain control of the psychology of their service members by fixing the hairstyle.

A soldier should not keep his hair length shorter than a quarter-inch from their scalp. Only in case of a serious injury, they can get relaxation. However, a graduate soldier’s hair is less than ¼ inches which are according to the army rules and requirements.

Females are allowed to grow longer hair in the military because long hair is the grace of women. And everyone wants to see women with longer hair. The length for women is not fixed. They are permitted to wear their hair in buns, braids, ponytails, twists, etc.

Can You Have Long Hair In German Army

German forces have set tough regulations on grooming. The male servicemen have to follow the rule of short haircuts. Their hair should not cover their eyes or ears. They should not touch the color of their shirt.

Women are free to grow their hair longer such as they can wear them into a hygienic braid or fine knot. Although men are objecting to different haircut standards, rules are built up to follow for both males and females. Women should also braid or tie up their long hair while performing duties.


Why does the military not let us grow longer hair?

The military does not allow hair to grow longer hair, because of hygienic issues, lice spreading factor, lack of water facilities in fields, etc. The overall presentation is another strong reason for this haircut, as a short haircut looks smart and neat with an army uniform. Short hair cuts are comfortable for wearing headgear during combat.

Does the Military allow free haircuts?

Unfortunately, personnel has to pay in the military for cutting hair. However, some branches cut your haircut charges from your pays, if they provide barbers’ services on-base. Sometimes, hair salons or barbershops give you a discount in honor of the army or some national day.

The Last Line

From the above post, it is clear that haircut is short for males and longer for women in almost all major militaries of the world. As the military is an inspiring and motivational organization for common people, haircuts for servicemen are more important.

The reason is a short haircut is a sign of neatness and smartness. It is also necessary for showing uniformity in a unit. Long hair is a grace of servicewomen. If not so, imagine a female soldier with short hair. What does it look like? I think you will never vote to have the same haircut standards for both genders.

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